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whats better than this…. guys bein dudes

I’ll tell you what’s better than this; guys doing dudes.

This image represents all of Deidara’s potential. He can make out with himself. What else can he do? He could also give himself love bites with these mouths. He could suck his own dick. He could eat his own ass. He could suck his own dick and eat his own ass at the same time. He could make out with 4 people at once (if you count the mouth on his chest). He could suck 4 dicks at once. He could eat 4 asses at once. I believe Deidara has the most potential out of all the Akatsuki and arguably, everyone in the series.

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Hey, all!


So, I usually don’t do this kind of thing. In fact, the last time I did anything like this, it wasn’t for me; it was for someone else who asked me for help. More or less, I’m a bit of a pickle and I need some help, and if anyone can lend a hand, I’d be extremely grateful. I know not everyone can, so I understand if that’s the case, but, again, thanks either way. This is the page for the funding:


This is the description of the situation:

"Alright, everyone! Here’s the deal: I am not currently in a very good living situation, and in order to continue to work and prepare for competition I need a form of transportation. Unfortunately, I don’t live with a very responsible group of people, meaning I have been left without a car as of this morning (while, interestingly enough, everything else that isn’t needed in the house is somehow being paid; so, as you can tell, my future and my hard work isn’t anyone’s priority in the place I’m currently inhabiting). The worst part is that public transportation in South Florida is absolutely abysmal (in Florida, in general), and every place I need to go to is far. So, I am asking for help so I can get myself a new set of wheels, so I can apply for a better job and just finally move out of my current living situation.

I put the total amount of what I need as the goal, but, really, any donation, of any kind, is super helpful: whether $100 or $.50; it doesn’t matter. I only need a decent car that gets me from Point A to Point B; nothing fancy. If anyone is willing to lend a hand, I would be extremely grateful. Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this. You are all the best.”

Thanks, everyone. <3

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Got to bring it everywhere!

Awww angiom:


Got to bring it everywhere!



I’m loving these. Imagine the things I could do with more than just a pencil and eraser tool

Have a postcard.


20% cooler!

20% cooler!